Commitment to Quality Services and  improved  Performance

We are proud to report that PMR.africa awarded the Company a Diamond Arrow Award for achieving the highest rating in 2018 & 2019 in the category:  Water Providing Companies in the North West Province.




The company has a successful track record of operations in the past 64 years.  Some of the achievements are highlighted below:

  1. Loan free balance sheet in spite of meeting all its capital expenditure and major maintenance projects in substantial amounts. It has invested R 150 million in capital expenditure in the past three years.  It has a capital expenditure and major maintenance plan of R 972 million in the next ten years and envisages meeting this from its internally generated resources.
  2. The Company’s water tariff is very competitive in the region in terms of the water services providers abstracting water from the Vaal River System and paying Lesotho Highlands levy.
  3. The Company has been the recipient of the Professional Management Review awards as an excellent services provider in the North West Province in the past 12 years.
  4. The Company’s efforts assisted the City of Matlosana to obtain the Blue Drop Award for water as the second municipality to get it in the North West Province.
  5. The Company has extended its operation in the Free State Province by supplying water to Vierfontein and invested substantial amounts in infrastructure to extend further supply possibly to Viljoenskroon, etc.
  6. The Company has an excellent record in managing energy through innovative means and Demand SM projects. It took part in the advanced leg of the Demand Side Management (DSM) incentive offered by ESKOM which enabled it to achieve significant savings especially during the winter periods.
  7. The Company has the capacity to supply water to the indigent areas of the North West Province particularly to Lichtenburg, Coligny, Ditsobotla etc. and needs the support of Department of Water and Sanitation to develop a provincial project funded via RBIG. The Company has unutilised capacity of 100 ML/day which can be beneficially utilised to supply water to indigent areas and resolve the difficulties faced by the communities in those areas and meet the Government’s objective of improving access to supply of water in the Province.
  8. The Company continued to maintain its 5-Star grading for the health, safety and environmental practices for the eighth year in the running. The Company also achieved record performances in terms of accident free kilometres and hours.



The Department Water and Sanitation regulates the quality of drinking water in South Africa through the Water Act of 1985 and the Water Services Act of 1997.



Regulation 5 under Section 9 of the Water Services Act of 1997 determines:

  • Water Service Institutions (e.g. Midvaal Water and other Water Boards and Local Municipalities) should have suitable Monitoring Programs in place that are based on risk assessments;
  • should ensure that water supplied by them complies with SANS 241: the National drinking water quality standard;
  • Must respond to failures and communicate to consumers.

Regulation 2834 of the Water Act 1985 requires:

  • Compliance of staff members with the skills requirement per class of works.

Section 62 of Water Services Act of 1997:

  • Performance must be reported to the Minister of Water and Sanitation


SANS 241: 2015


This standard specifies the quality of acceptable drinking water, defined in terms of microbiological, physical, aesthetic and chemical determinands.


Water that complies with SANS 241 is deemed to present an acceptable health risk for lifetime consumption.



Performance of Midvaal Water in terms of Potable Water Quality Compliance – 12-month period from January to December

Risk-based drinking water quality aspect



SANS 241:2015


 % Compliance:

Minimum required

Actual compliance achieved:


Actual compliance achieved:


Actual compliance achieved:


Acute Health: Microbiological compliance

Microbial water quality is the state of the water with respect to the absence (good water quality) or presence (poor water quality) of micro-organisms. Where a microbiological value exceeds the limit specified, an unacceptable risk to human health is implied.



97 %







Acute Health:

Chemical compliance

Chemical water quality refers to the nature and concentration of dissolved substances such as salts, metals and organic chemicals. All determinands that pose an immediate unacceptable health risk if present at concentrations exceeding the specified values are listed.



95 %


99.8 %





Chronic health:

Chemical compliance

Determinands that pose an unacceptable health risk if ingested over an extended period if present at concentrations exceeding the values specified


95 %

99.7 %



Operational Compliance

Operational tests are performed to assess the efficient operation of treatment systems and risks to infrastructure


95 %

98.8 %



Aesthetic compliance

Determinands that taint water with respect to taste, odour or colour and that do not pose unacceptable health risks if present in concentrations exceeding the values specified.






Monthly performance figures of Midvaal Water in terms of drinking water quality management can also be viewed on the web site of DWS: www.dws.gov.za/bluedrop/mywater.